Schumacher rumours speeding up

Has Luca di Montezemolo given in ? Usually reliable German news magazine „Focus“ reports that Mercedes has signed Michael Schumacher for measly 3.5 million Euro for 2010. That contradicts with what I hear from Italy. It is believed that Luca di Montezemolo won’t let the German go to Ferrari’s rival in the production sports car segment and rather prefers to transfer Felipe Massa to Sauber to vacate a seat for the 7-times World Champion. It is also believed that Schumacher is interested in only a number of races, not in the crunch of an entire season.

Mercedes-Benz has already reacted and called it speculation. Perhaps the author of the article is mislead by the fact that the Renault board of directors have decided to keep the works effort going, so Robert Kubica is definitely not available, and Nick Heidfeld having his contract – signed with BMW – honored by Sauber.

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