Internet Explorer sucks!


Alright, alright, that’s not exactly breaking news, we all know that. Who could possibly be suprised about the fact that Microsoft made a loss for the first time, if they keep delivering bull…. like Vista, IE, MSN Explorer, Live Messenger et al?

I don’t care, to be honest, how Microsoft is doing and what they are doing. I’ve banned them from my desk for good. Full stop. I use Ubuntu and all kinds of open source software. What drives me nuts is that they even manage to screw up your all of your efforts with their incompetence.

We added some video content to our P1Mag website. Gues what, the only bloody browser that would paralyze the whole website access is… you guessed correctly: Bloody darn useless IE and MSNE!

So, my friends, I’d like tgo invite you to 20th century oldtimer browser behind, go for Mozilla Firefox, Opera or Safari. Any of those will allow you to enjoy’s free content and – generally – be a happier person.