30th of June – All I can say is: Yes, this is a picture from a Formula 1 Grand Prix. All the rest is up to you…


Nino Farina 30/6/1966, Emilio Giuseppe Farina dies.

Nino Farina, the famous Farina coach building family, was the first ever Formula 1 World Champion. Often seen as arrogant, he actually had a doctorate in political science and in 1932, after a brief flirt with a military career, decided to go racing. But it was only after WW2 that Farina was called by the Alfa Romeo factory team, becoming the team leader after Jean-Pierre Wimille was killed at the start of 1949. Farina won the World Championship in 1950 in dominant fashion but with advanced age and competition increasing in 1951, Nino was overshadowed by Juan-Manuel Fangio and moved to Ferrari. But there he found himself in the shadow of Alberto Ascari. His career went into decline and at the end of 1955 he finally retired, although he tried a comeback a couple of times. Farina died in a car crash near Chambéry in France, whilst driving to spectate at the 1966 French Grand Prix.

Born: 30th of October 1906 in Torino, Italy.
Died: 30th of June 1966 in Aiguebelle, France, aged 59.


Who is who 30/6/1974, Edward Johnson dies.

Eddie Johnson was a regular in the AAA and USAC Championship Car series and made F1 stats by finishing 6th in the final Formula 1 World Championship counting Indy 500 and thus scoring one World Championship point. He died in a plane crash near Cleveland, Ohio.

Born: 10th of February 1919 in Richmond, USA;
Died: 30th of June 1974 in Cleveland, USA, aged 55.


30/6/1975, Ralf Schumacher is born in Huerth, Germany.

From karting onwards Ralf Schumacher would remain in the shadow of his far more successful brother Michael. His debut in Formula 1 came as the 1996 Formula Nippon Champion. Already in his third F1 race in Argentina he finished on the podium in third. In 1999 Ralf switched to Williams and his first win came at Imola in 2001 and followed up with two further wins to end the year fourth in the World Championship. In 2002 things were tougher but he won in Malaysia although he was often outpaced by Juan Pablo Montoya. In 2005 he moved to Toyota for a huge salary but did little to make any impact up until 2007, his best result being sixth at the Hungaroring. At the end of the season he retired from Formula 1 and currently competes at the German DTM series.


8 Gedanken zu “Monday,

  1. Vixe.
    um daqueles carros totalmente iguais a todos os outros, que pareciam andar sobre trilhos, absolutamente desinteressantes de ver na TV – aliás, a época mais desinteressante pra se assistir da F1, de 1980 a 82.
    ainda por cima o piloto tem um capacete todo branco. essa eu passo.

  2. Rainbow Jeans, aposto na RAM/Rainbow Jeans Racing ou na RAM/Theodore/Rainbow Jeans Racing, em 1980, com um Williams FW07 – Ford Cosworth DFV 3.0 V8. Se for em 1980, os pneus são Goodyear, só a Ferrari e a Renault tinham Michelin nesse ano.
    O piloto é, como dizem os irmãos brasileiros, a minha „zebra“: pelo capacete não vou lá. A ser esta a equipa e o ano, temos 3 hipóteses, o Rupert Keegan, o Kevin Cogan e o Geoff Lees. Pelo número 51, exclui-se o Rupert Keegan que nunca correu com esse número. Entre os outros dois, aposto no escuro: Kevin Cogan.
    O GP, se aposto no Kevin Cogan, então é o GP do Canadá onde ele não se qualificou.
    Já se for o Geoff Lees, andou em mais GP’s em 1980, 2 corridas e 6 nãoa qualificações.

  3. mário
    os caras já mataram a charada, mas meu chute vai para:
    kevin cogan (eua) com willams fw07b da equipe particular rainbow jeans racing nos treinos para o gp do canadá de 1980 (nq).

  4. Hehe, o José CArlos deu uma metralhada em TUDO 🙂

    E até acertou o piloto. Aí agora é com você sadivinhar qual foi…

  5. Então é o Geoff Lees.

    Brincadeirinha pode? Deve ser Toronto ou (seria São Francisco) durante uma parada do orgulho gay.

  6. Epa, tinha esquecido de fechar isto aqui antes de partir pras férias. Então aqui vai:

    Piloto: Geoff Lees
    Equipe: RAM/Theodore/Rainbow Jeans Racing
    Carro: Williams FW07 Ford Cosworth DFV 3.0 V8
    Evento: XXIII Toyota United States Grand Prix 1980, Watkins Glen

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