28th of June – Dan Gurney wins the 1964 French Grand Prix at Rouen and scores Brabham’s first win as Formula 1 constructor.


28/6/1992, Peter Hirt dies.

A wealthy Swiss businessman from Küssnacht who’s debut in the World Championship came at the 1951 Swiss Grand Prix at the wheel of a Veritas Meteor. For 1952 he teamed up with compatriot Rudi Fischer to create Ecurie Espadon and both men drove the Swiss based team’s Ferrari in several Grands Prix during the following two seasons, Hirt totaling five GP starts in his career.

Born: 30th of March 1910 in Lenzbourg, Switzerland
Died: 28th of June 1992 in Zürich, Switzerland, aged 82.


Juan Jover 28/6/1960, Juan Jover Sañés dies.

Spanish driver motorcycle racer who went on to race sports cars as well as single-seaters and took part in selected F1 Grands Prix, mainly on Spanish soil. Died driving between Sitges to Barcelona when his private Pegaso sportscar went off a cliff.

Born: 23rd of November 1903 in Barcelona, Spain.
Died: 28th of June 1960 in Sitges, Spain, aged 57.


28/6/1923, Adolfo Schwelm-Cruz is born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Adolfo Schwelm competed in sports car and road races at his native Argentina, but made occasionally also raced in Europe between 1949 and 1951, his best result being a sixth place in the Gran Premio di Roma at Caracalla driving a Maserati A6G. He made his World Championship debut at the 1953 Argentine Grand Prix in a works Cooper-Bristol but retired with a broken stub axle. He also took part in the Buenos Aires City Libre GP with the same car but again failed to finish due to a broken camshaft. Subsequently Schwelm-Cruz returned to competition in his ancient Alfa, and was later seen in a Maserati sports.

Ein Gedanke zu “Saturday,

  1. Esse foi mais um feito antológico de Dan Gurney.

    O cara era demais mesmo. A lista dos feitos inéditos dele é grande. Como primeira e unica vitória de um Porsche na F1 a única dessa marca. A vitória com o Eagle Weslake V12 que se não me engano tem um sabor único de equipe (anglo)americana em território genuinamente europeu.

    Vou pedir para os enciclopedistas deste blog ajudarem na lista.(ou me corrigirem se eu falei besteira).

    PS. Foi a primeira de um V12?

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